Wednesday, December 29, 2021


    As anyone can see, like clock work, the chart above has shown us major event crashes and turmoil, every 7 years. This is a harbinger or a sign to us, of what's to come. The next one is in that September 2022 time frame and given all the other signs to watch for the California mega quake, well this 7 year pattern is in perfect alignment with that, and what is known as the “Shemitah” year, when God commanded the Israelites to prepare for the sabbath year, wherein, all transactions needed to be made before the every 7 year sabbath came, which was also known as an economic reset. There is an invisible supernatural economic force involved here.

    Most of the Shemitah major events took place in that end of summer/early fall season, every 7 years. This is just one reason why we are on watch for the Japan Mega Quake to send tsunami across the pacific and wreck the west coast, weeks before the mega quake. With this in mind, as well as the #14 confirmation of the Vineyard 9/12/22 signs, and the testimonies of that season to watch in sign #3,  this leads us to quite the synchronicity of signs to seriously watch that September 2022 time. No hardline exact date claimed on that,  so just be on watch for close to that early to mid September time for the Japan tsunami.